The LegUpforTalent Social Media Programme is here to help you

Only a few spaces left on Our LUFT team

Standard advertising can be time consuming and expensive.
Let me help you through our social media network ...

I am on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook ,Instagram, blogger, YouTube and many more sites/pages that can help you attract more visitors to your pages and websites

The LegUpforTalent SponsorMeDirect Programme is revolutionary in the way that it uses the collective social media activities of its LegUpforTalent Stars on Facebook to increase the exposure to the equestrian community of sponsor’s brands and business activities.

An exceptional and consistent new media opportunity with which to optimize the performance of businesses

A unique and exciting social media environment where talented riders can exchange ideas, share competition plans, knowledge and experiences and by so doing develop a real understanding of what it takes to succeed in our fabulous sport.

This dynamic initiative Programme also provides an excellent opportunity for LegUpforTalent Stars to showcase the products and services of their supporting companies.

Here is the link to some of my vlogs 

BE THE ONE TO KNOW with a Legupfortalent Social Media star

What can I offer?
*I can attract viewers to the lifestyle blogs from all the counties we (LUFT) represent, approx. 50,000 rural recipients
*I can increase the Likes you have on your FB page to significantly increase your local distribution volume.
*The LUFT offer is such a low cost yet we are still offering you a reach of the basic 10,000 recipients we have locally to each star.
*The chance to optimize existing social media activities
*Provide an entry platform with which to utilize this exciting collective ‘new media’ opportunity with the Facebook activities of LegUpforTalent Stars such as myself and LegUpforTalent Apprentices to promote products and services

Would you like to take advantage of this programme?
Contact Myself or Diana Anselm for more information

Visit the LUFT stars and apprentices at

My page at

Our Team Page at





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By Gaelann East
The Wacky Racers Dressage Team
England UK

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