2019 Goals and Action Plans

Being super organised and getting the 2019 Goals listed and ready for action I do like to have a plan and a map to follow which also helps me keep my motivation and focus

See here we go this is where I hopefully see 2019 going

#1 Music Been thinking long and hard about UA versus BD and what I want to aim for. Realistically we are never going to be strong enough to compete against straight BD silver horses and its very expensive. I have tossed around the idea of Novice Petplans but it puts me out of so many of the UA classes I want to do once the points start adding up. I love music freestyle and I didn't do much in 2018 and I really really miss it.

One of my main goals was the BD FSM. Cant lie, gutted to find out the Music has moved to Lincolnshire. This was on my list of things to aim for this year but it's just too far from us. Alfie is my superstar, but we will only be doing it for fun, and fun has its mileage limits when you are an Amateur on a budget pocket counting.

A) Set up a new floor plan for Novice and possibly tweak music but keep the folk genre which we know Alfie loves B) Possibly use old music and floor plan for some Prelim music to get some New Year Arena confidence and look at maybe BD Prelim Silver classes C) Have a play with Latin beats and try and move up to unaffiliated Elementary. We have already picked the music just need to get going and decide on a floor plan D) Enter and have a play around with some online HayGrazer E-Rider classes

#2 Trailblazers Championships We need to keep an eye on the BD points we accumulate if we stay registered so we can qualify and return to the Summer Championships at Novice and Elem. We need to remain under 100 points.

#3 GBRider Magazine (was CTR) We have qualified for the March Championships. Just waiting for the schedule to be released so we can see what we need to work on.

Again we need to keep an eye on points accumulated. We need to remain under 50 Novice BD points

#4 Sparsholt Equine Centre Festival Collect a few more sheets with the required scores to qualify for the UA Championships. This is an awesome summer show and one not to be missed. Aim to improve on our Novice score/placing

#5 Amersham Dressage and Competition Venue League Carry on collecting points at the UA shows to hopefully gain an invite to the Championship Show

#6 Combined Training The one goal out of our comfort zone. I would like to aim to complete at 60 maybe 70 cms and aim for a clear round and not a cricket score.

#7 Retraining of Racehorses Wait for the 2019 competitions to be released before making any decisions

Hopefully return to Blenheim and Aintree and maybe add in some showing. Carry on collecting League points for both unaffiliated and affiliated tables and keep hooves crossed for top ten finishes to qualify us for the Aintree Championships

#8 RoR and TB Associated British Dressage Championships Collect score sheets but dont make any decisions until finances have been assessed. Don't create any pressure on ourselves to win. Enter if we choose to go and do the best we can on the day.

Can't lie again, I would love our Associated Championships to be at Bury Farm and Not Vale View. Yes its a local venue to us, but its also a great venue to compete at. Bury Farm has its cold moments but not like Vale View, and I am a Soft Southerner who dislikes the super cold.

We do have the Assoc Champs pencilled into this year's outings so I shall put my heat pad orders in early.

#9 Quest Club BD Get a few shows under our belt at the beginning of the year with an aim to stay in the top section of the points table for a place at the Regionals for a 5th year. Try and qualify for a Championship place at My Quest Novice

#10 Ninja Dressage Compete within our comfort zone at home and enjoy the online classes and complete a league points table.

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By Gaelann East
The Wacky Racers Dressage Team
England UK

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