AUBIOSE DIARY: Super Economical

Updated: May 9, 2019

Love how we can keep the muck heap manageable as it quickly biodegrades.

Not a bad size for a wintered muck heap

Aubiose Horse Bedding is the perfect material to recycle back to the ground. It goes onto the veggie patch and into the field shelter and the gateways. When we dig out we take the wet straight out to the gateways to form a no mud base

In the shelter, once the flooring has settled the capped layer will take its place once more working to form a decent solid base for them to stand on. Being out in the open the old bedding is not at all smelly and once the capped layer has formed the top section is nice and dry as the wet soaks down to the bottom deeper layers.

Nothing goes to waste.

Don't forget to feed your field borders as well. Keep those hedgerows healthy.

100% Natural Hemp core makes Aubiose so special.

Did you know it renews itself annually and produces more pulp than trees per acre

Did you know: Hemp can absorb 4x its own weight It is more absorbent than straw and wood-based products, which means you really do use less bedding. It truly is Great Value for money.

Aubiose comes in 20kg bags. Regional prices do vary so best to check with your local stores. With other bedding types I used 2 bales a week to keep the beds clean/deep and on pelleted bags I was using up to 4 bags a week.

At the begging of March I took out the wet from both boys, digging down into the capped layer for a fresh start. I dug out the whole wet area in each bed leaving the rest of the bed in place untouched. Throughout March we only used 3 bales for each stable

At the begging of April I took out the wet again from both boys.

The boys are in at night and out during the day still with the new grass too lush for a routine of out 24/7

Coffee has been on restricted grazing time and he has been spending most of the time in his stable/yard this month

Alfie is spending longer out in the field, so I took the opportunity to run down his bed and give it a freshen up. Floors Disinfected and the dry old bedding left in to form a new base layer

Floors Disinfected with help from Aqueos

This month I added Four new bales that fluffed up to make a lovely fresh new bed.

Yes you read that right only Four New Bales of Aubiose Horse Bedding needed to make a new fresh summer bed.

Lovely fresh new bed

When you set a fresh new bed Aubiose suggest you lightly water to active the spongy properties. This helps to establish the capped layer straight away. We have outdoor stables with a few holes in the roof, so we tend to leave the beds to soak up the water drops from the environment.

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By Gaelann East
The Wacky Racers Dressage Team
England UK

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