Be Proud of who you are

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

As I look back upon January 2019 I wanted to highlight 5 Things I am proud of

It’s so easy to beat up on ourselves remembering the wrong bits, the mistakes, the not achieved bits.

As I criticise myself more than I should I wanted to take time out to see what I was proud of.

This exercise is actually a really good way to find belief in yourself, to see solutions and find the boost you may needing

Here are my Five

*We can do this: I am useless at the keep-fit stuff and my migraines dont help with creating energy and enthusiasm. Its early days, but me and Mr East are doing a good job at keeping the swimming going at least once a week.

*Everyone Have Fun: I am proud to see how well the Southern Club Nights have taken off. When I said I would help kick them off for RoR Southern it was a bit daunting. I always worry things wont be a success and I cant pull it off. I know I should think the other way but its just not me. So I am super proud of how the first few sessions went whilst I was playing caretaker.

*Fears: I am so proud of my Ninja for overcoming his pains and fears. Yes we have had a mini set back this month, But he is already showing how much he can trust me and he is bouncing back already. Proud to have not given up just yet.

*Flying: Super proud of Alfie finding his brave wings and lifting off the floor. Its not pretty, he terrifies me with his motorbike corners and hollowed leaps but we are making progress. Super proud of how much it is helping our dressage

*Blogs/Reviews: I am so proud I could burst that companies have faith in me to blog and review their products. I hope you enjoy reading my reviews and tips. If I didnt love the products/services I wouldnt shout about them. Because I love them I constantly talk about them, probably a bit too much sometimes.

Challenge myself and push forward

Following on from the proud list I am making a short term to do list

*Set up a blog frequency and stick to it

*Better me with the help of SM Challenges

*Be more positive

*Keep FB updates going and try to incorporate other platforms more

*Rally the team into I can do mode


I have survived life so far and I have learnt valuable lessons

I have helped and been helped

I have inspired and been inspired

I am Unique, I am me. I have skills and talent

I wont stop dreaming

I deserve my own respect

I am proud of what I have achieved

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By Gaelann East
The Wacky Racers Dressage Team
England UK

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