Diary of An Exracer Retraining: March

We already had our extra March training dates set up in prep for the GB Rider Champs. With the Championship show postponed I thought I might as well keep the dates in the diary.

Plenty we need to work on.

First session was back to test riding and I decided to stay with the Novice FSM test

Separate Blog: One Beat Further

I took the opportunity of the extra sessions to get Ali to have a sit and see if she could tune into where I am having issues. It would have been great to see it look all too easy, but at the same time annoying, as it would have shown up a not so great partnership between me and horse. Alfie turned on the tricky charms, which made me feel slightly better about myself and my riding.

For training we have got Alfie in a copper roller single jointed bit but we still need to find something BD legal so in the next session we put him into a similar bit but without the copper. We used a basic single link cheeked snaffle. He was horrid in my hand, I just felt like I was battling for softness not quietly asking for it. Ali got back on as I was getting frustrated and she agreed he wasn't excepting this one as well as the copper bit but she didn't feel it needed changing so we carried on.

The biting continues on into next month ...…...

We had some March fun with a pole clinic and a grid clinic

Why do I love these clinics: Because I don't focus too much on what's going wrong I always ride more proactive and find my inner happiness even when its not looking pretty.

My focus always seems to be riding more positively which in return gives me more balance and connection

These clinic days are fun fun fun and that's exactly what me and Alfie need

We can even lift off the floor in steady go.

The pole work was interesting and showed up how wonky we were especially when trying to keep control of the straightness through serpentines.

Interesting how I thought when riding the moves I had got it and looking back at the videos I was no where near capturing the overall straightness

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By Gaelann East
The Wacky Racers Dressage Team
England UK

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