February Flew

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

This month has flown by but not without some high, lows, and frustration

Lesson learnt: Let go of what you thought should happen and live in the now

Don't be afraid to loosen your goals.

Kick on and Carry on

Feb Flop

All eager in January to get started on the New Year Equestrian Goals February soon become a bit of a flop

I learnt that my March GB Rider UA Championships had been postponed to September. More time to prepare you say, well yes but I was going to kick on with some BD Novices after the winter but now I need to keep an eye on the points I rack up. Too many points and I will no longer be eligible to compete which means wasted membership fees. Not the end of the end of the world I can still do the FSM and Elementary Class but I hate wasting money and I worked hard to gain the Novice qualification

Then I found out a local venue had changed their Winter Championship date to a day I couldn't attend.

They had decided to combine their UA CT with their UA Dressage. Alfie doesn't like horses jumping near him so It is for the best we can't go. The arenas are really close together so we would have been hanging on and darting all over the place, not a pleasant sight for the Judge at C

Ali had a word with me about keeping a few loose goals in hand. This isn't something a control freak likes to hear but she is right again. I had a look at the BD Petplan dates but the second rounds clash with the Quadrille Qualifier. I do have a lot planned for this year so it's ok that I can't fit this in but i will keep in as a maybe just in case things change

Snow and Flu Stop Play: We had snow and lots of it. So much it gets it's very own blog post

The Flu panic went a bit social media wild. Luckily for us our County didn't stop and the main shows carried on with precautions

Bio-security is taken very seriously here at Wacky Central which is why we use Aqueos products on the yard, at home, and in the trailer.

The Lergy Hit Me

I tired really hard to stay positive whilst coughing wheezing and spluttering but this time round the lergy hit me hard. With little down time taken it took me a good two weeks to recover. I am useless at down time but physically had to miss the gym for these two weeks. The cold air didn't help my difficulties breathing. When I have a really bad cold my weakness point for inflammation is always my tooth. To anyone who has had toothache I don't need to describe the horrid discomfort

I don't get sick pay at work so when I am genuinely unable to work it hits the pocket hard. Luckily I managed to partly worked from home one day and got away with only having to take a half day holiday.

A visit to the sauna would have been fab to sweat away the bugs but fresh air each day after work and two big hairy hugs is the best equestrian therapy


The snow vanished and it got too hot for the Ninja so he decided to strip

Luckily he stayed away from the worst of the mud

With the cold mornings and my bad circulation I got out the hand warmers

Hindsight: When one reuses the morning hand warmers for her hip during the day, one must remember they are stuffed in her pants when she goes for a wee

Some good news

RoR have dropped the qualifying scores to 62% for Novice and Elementary this year and the Blenheim Championships are allowing you to enter two classes

Addington is back as a competition venue and Stromsholm continue to support the RoR horses at the UA dressage. Their vouchers come in very handy for hoof care.

Social Media Challenges

All systems go for informed choices and creative ideas to share with all my SM pals

With less pressure at work and not feeling like my brain cells were fried I have been taking time out to think about my SM pages, the groups I admin and my web site. I have been neglecting my web site despite promising myself to back up data and make sure I write at least once a month. I do enjoy writing so gave myself a boost and put the thinking cap back on and refreshed the logos for some of my web blogs Also had a really good video sort out and organised them into files ready to edit

The Equissimo Challenge was set as they search for 2019 Brand Ambassadors. Absolutely loved taking part in this challenge

We featured in the The Sand Arena Ballerina - Equestrian Blog The Great Balancing Act

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By Gaelann East
The Wacky Racers Dressage Team
England UK

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