What Scares You

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

#teamequissimo Social Media Challenge Day 12: What Scares You?

I have quite a few posts on my FB Team page about what scares me as a serious subject matter.

Mainly failure in all sorts of forms and mainly because I try too hard for perfection.

I am terrible at focusing on the bad not the good

I don’t like feeling like I have let myself or my trainer or my horses down

One massive reason why I started my face page was to remind me how far I have come and what I have succeeded in

I fear I keep letting Alfie down. We know we can do it and we know we can do it better.

I love being a competitive rider but hate it when I cant get things right.

I have always loved jumping, I always felt excited about it all and the nerves were always the good type of nerves that kept you on your toes. If we had a pole we had a pole but now if I don't get even the simplest transition right in the dressage test it seems such a big low point

I have started attempting the art of lifting ones hooves off the floor again with Alfie. I never feel in control after the jumps and I am always fearful of letting go of the brakes.

I know forward flowing motion makes for a better jump but the idea of that motorbike wall of death ride the corners is extremely scary.

On a lighter note I am afraid of the days when the Ninja takes his rug off and goes and finds the muddiest part of the field.

It scares me to think how long it will take to get him clean again

We have had some nasty human and horse accidents over the years. Some horses we have lost and that is the circle of life.

I don't want to fall off the Ninja and bust up my knee and back again but I also need to kick on and get going with it.

I hope that I will always have horses in my life, but I do fear the day I can no longer ride.

I made a Ninja 2019 list of five things to conquer. I really hope we can dig deep and tick them off

1) Hack further than the block

2) Canter

3) Have some Lessons away from home

4) Intro to Prelim, complete a test

5) Succeed and name the fear

I am not afraid of actual success I just work too hard for it sometimes so it makes it onto this list of Ninja to dos to remind myself of the simple fact … We Can....

How can we do the do to steer us on our path to success. Say out loud, Write it down, Focus your mind. Face it head on

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By Gaelann East
The Wacky Racers Dressage Team
England UK

© 2017 Gaelann East

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