The New Adventure to Petplan Area Festival Dressage

August 1, 2017





At the begging of 2017 I really wasn't sure which way I wanted our competition path to take us.






We had previously competed in the Prelim BD Regionals because they were at our favourite venue, with easy travel and at a venue I was happy to go to alone. We enjoyed the thrill of a big Regional competition and the competitor in my was jumping for joy at being part of such a major event. We were never going to trouble the top qualifying spaces so when the new rule changes came out it felt like a dirty wet cloth hitting me round the face.

I had suffered some pretty horrid 'behind the back' talking at Riding Club level and a few troll issues to some of my posts on social media because I hadn't moved up the levels. I have only had my horse 4 years and he hadn't seen dressage boards when we took over his retraining. To him white boards were white racing rails someone had left on the floor

I wasn't prepared to rush our progress. I wanted to remain confident and comfortable. A very special boy joined the team and we wanted this to be a long term partnership.


We started 2017 with no BD registered points, happy to go out and attempt Novice tests unaffiliated but with our walk hit and miss and no Med work established we were not keen on entering BD classes. We were struggling to get our Team Quest members altogether at the same time so I took Alfie out to some BD Prelims in the new Silver section. Confident at Prelim the scores improved as the year progressed. I was out of Team Quest Prelim having entered a Regional competition so I used the Quest days to gain valuable Novice experience. 


Our training was going well but with our first RoR qualifier show effected by tension from both horse and rider I was once again left wondering which path I should take. Again the competitor in me jumped out screaming go for it so we entered the Wellington Area Festival. We entered the Silver Prelim, the plan of action was to work on our arena tension and smile whatever the outcome.

We had RoR Camp the week before, which always gives us a massive boost.

We had new shoes on and a visit from the saddler for a few adjustments where Alfie was growing up into his shoulders.



Alfie felt amazing in the warm up and I felt like I was sitting proud and loving our day's adventure.

Did the test go well enough, I had no clue. I felt the walk was lazy but chuffed to bits there was no hint of a jig jog. The stretchy trot didn't go as well as planned but it didnt pee off either.

Generally the test was obedient and accurate.

Well blow me over, we only went and got a 2nd place with 66.04%.



We even attempted the presentation mounted, and kept all four hooves to the floor.  


Second Round entered.

Excited and looking forward to seeing everyone from the Wellington First Round at Widmer next month 


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By Gaelann East
The Wacky Racers Dressage Team
England UK

© 2017 Gaelann East

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