February 8, 2018

New Month New Challenge

This is the second bloggers challenge set by Haynet to see what our days look like in pictures with its own hashtag to encourage followers and content sharing

The challenge has been set to take 5 photos from a chosen day in Feb.


I am such a Taurus once hit with a challenge.

Typical me once I have an idea or a challenge off I go, then there is no stopping me. Well I would have if I had taken my phone to the yard on the first morning!

I found this one really easy and didn't have to look far before the content of this challenge started flowing. So I thought whilst I was revamping the website and feeling inspired I would also challenge myself to use my other social media accounts more


Looking round the yard on the first morning one thing that did hit me, and that was how much I take for granted.

My thoughts on Facebook that day ''Hopefully tomorrow when I remember to take my phone with me I can start to show you what an amazing insight into my own life I have already seen through my own eyes opened wide''


Day One: Instagram

I don't use Instagram much, mainly because I forget I have it, but I found the option to instantly share to Twitter and Facebook really easy.


Day Two: Twitter

I finally found the share section on Twitter and as you can see from the pics I also found the sticker option.

I struggle on my phone as I do like to babble which is why I generally prefer Facebook posting.

My spelling / grammar isn't the best so its nice to have the Facebook luxury to go back and amend posts, especially when I forget to add tags to a post. There is a programming option if you know how to alter your Twitter feeds but its a bit of a flaff. And I need to be on my computer at home so I can open my how to doc. 

It does seem a bit hit n miss if the picture shows or not when you share to Facebook. I had to share a few times and delete a few times before the pic showed on the share post.

I also tried sharing the Twitter pics back to Instagram but I failed on that one, I think, well I cant see them on my Instagram page. 

I am enjoying the challenge but I think for me I will stick to using Twitter on my Laptop and for sharing my YouTube Vlogs.


Day Three: Pinterest

I went off to explore Pinterest as part of the challenge as I generally use this site to share my YouTube videos and rarely go on there to add a photo in its own right.

I couldn't make my mind up where I wanted to put the photos. Did I want to make a Haynet board for just these 5 photos or should I put them individually into the subject boards I already have or maybe create a few new ones ?

I haven' quite got the hang of Pinterest and to be honest I rarely go there to browse other material, but I am told its a growing SM platform.
One to explore for the future.



And here we are. My completed challenges


The pictures I choose for my challenge on Instagram

Pic 1: Work day must have corner. Only thing missing in the photo is my celery/carrot and houmous pot for when I am feeling peckish. My attempts at weight loss

Pic 2: Starting to get lighter after work but still too wet to do anything with the boys so its cuddles only. I am sure they don't mind not working. 

Pic 3: Twine obsession. Hay all ready for Am and Pm bellies. The bales often find their own way into the shed ready for when I get to the yard. 

With millions of uses for twine does anyone else stock up after every bale has been opened. Don't forget to search for the knot so u can cut as close as possible to it.

Pic 4: One of my MSC Power Banks I couldn't do without on the yard

Pic 5: Home for some evening Horse Bloggers video chat with one of my paperwork helpers. Yes I cheated and put three photos into one but it seemed fitting, I was multitasking at the time



The pictures I choose for my challenge on Twitter

Have you notice the spelling in my Twitter post hahahaha. Obviously I mean Pole work

Pic 1: Wishing for Summer

Pic 2: I really need to stop making excuses and stop snoozing the alarm clock in the morning 

Pic 3: Alfie's meals on the hoof / hood

Pic 4: Friday nights are for bottom scratching and carrot stretching

Pic 5: Getting more and more excited about our new FSM. Cant wait to get the new CDs and get entering




The pictures I choose for my challenge on Pinterst

Pic 1: Fresh Eggs from the chickens every day is true life luxury

Pic 2: Ninja thought dinner was running late at lunch time !

Pic 3: Alfie tucking himself away from yet more rain

Pic 4: Snooze time out of the cold

Pic 5: Mud and clumsy horses means a lot of boot washing 




The pictures I choose for my challenge on Facebook

Pic 1: Sweat kisses. My true softy gentlemen

Pic 2: It's normally the Ninja that undresses himself. How does he do it.

Pic 3: Great service from our hay/haylage supplier. It pays to support local.

Pic 4: New product to test has arrived and attached to the rug ready to collate data, 

Pic 5: More paperwork / diary entries / show entries to sort out in front of the TV with one of our furry helpers



Thank you Haynet for the Challenge. We look forward to seeing everyone's #HorseBloggers #5Photos1Day by the power of a hashtag




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By Gaelann East
The Wacky Racers Dressage Team
England UK

© 2017 Gaelann East

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