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February 10, 2018

Mornings. I really don’t do mornings.

I go to bed with all great thoughts of up early to do this and that. The alarm goes off and I snooze it again and again and again.

Yes, its all about me, and I should just suck it up and start getting up but its not so easy when your body has other ideas. Sometimes I just feel too tired and sometimes I just think too much. For me mornings are a slow process. I have had 47 years of slow mornings, so I don’t think that will change regardless of the guilt I feel about the snooze ins.

So that’s me in winter mode. I would love to say it gets better in the summer, but it doesn’t.

At least in the lighter summer months the yard time is a lot easier and more productive.

So, looking forward to summer makes my happy and excited and motivated (once I am up and running!)


My point is everyone has ups and downs, good and bad thoughts, you can have realistic expectations as well as big dreams and know your own limitations.

When I go to bed I always take too much with me, I should leave my thoughts and reflections downstairs. So, I am hoping that restarting my blogging / diaries will help me do just that.

On the plus side I am happy to tap away on the computer and chat to you all at silly O clock at night and sometimes into the early hours.


At the end of each year I like to revisit the goals I set to see how we got on. Often these goals are similar for the following year and the move from 2017 to 2018 is no different.

It’s never too early to start developing a plan and looking towards the bigger picture. And for us the bigger picture looks forward to the summer

So last year is where we will be picking up this year. A look back as well as a look forward. Which will help me see where our performance needs some help.


Today in the training session we discuss the smaller aspects that have a bigger impact. We all know the basics need to be installed before you build the bigger blocks but sometimes you get a picture you want to work towards that forgets the small changes and that can spiral out of control mentally and physically.

Although we qualified for the CTR Championships before Xmas there were limitations to moving into the new year with confidence.

I am feeling a lot better about my physical hiccups and Alfie’s new saddle is helping him loads to regain his confidence, but we are a long way from where we left the summer of 2017.

I have finally realised I can’t change/mend everything at once and although we had some quick fixes over the winter we now need to play a longer game looking forward to the summer.


More importantly I move forward into the lighter days/evenings with an I can do and not a but I didn’t do or a what if


My key words for 2018 = My Plans My Journey My Experience


So, buckle up and enjoy the ride through our BD, Quest, RC, RoR and many other adventures we have planned


Picture from today's training session:  A positive step, well several positive steps to regaining our Medium Trot. Rider sitting up and making a better connection. Horses ears forward and attentive. 

Next stop Novice 30 for the RC teams. Then onto Novice 28 and Elementary 43 for CTR Championships 




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By Gaelann East
The Wacky Racers Dressage Team
England UK

© 2017 Gaelann East

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