Train Myself

March 18, 2018


Honestly is it all really worth it


Pain in the fingers I am almost sick. Arrows of pain down my right hand side I could cry.

The roads were clear enough to get to our training today and yesterday. Not sure if I am totally mad or just in complete panic that this is the last training session today before the CTR Championships. Are we ready. Nope. No where near.

But we are all paid up and we are going. And we are going with positive thoughts.


No more whining it’s not going well. Time to do something about it regardless of the results next weekend.


Let’s hope the weather improves this coming week so I can at least get round the block a few times


I am really tempted to changed bits again but I wont

I am going to look forward and plan my warm up routine.

We know the tests and we will also have our music to have some fun with at the end of the day.


Today we got the kick up we deserved. It wasn’t all pretty but the quality was so much better than it has been. No more messing around time to say it is what it is. We need to work together but I am in charge and if I ask I should get. That sounds horrid when I actually write it down but I have been all nicey nicey lalalala lately and its not helping either of us.


So we got stuck in from the word go asking for more ground cover without coming up and against the contact.

We got the leg yielding to move with more ground cover. I either hold the trot back to much or throw us straight into it at a million miles without setting the exercise up first. Luckily it got better after a few goes.

A good exercise in the canter was ask for outside flexion then move the shoulders in with control and then straighten. Gosh that really helped us get the feeling of the connection and Alfie was impressively responsive to this exercise. What was so fantastic about this was I finally put my leg on and meant it, and got a positive reaction that stayed connected


Alfie knows what a half halt is and knows what a flexion is so the medium work to collection needed more from me. I allowed him to disregard what I was asking for then I gave up when I didn’t get what was being asked for.

When I don’t see it through I then moan it didn’t happen, but I let it not happen. Funnily enough when I rode for a better collected transition and insisted it worked hey presto we got it


Big thanks to my pairs partner / support system for coming to watch and helping kick my butt and videoing some clips to show it wasn’t all bad after all


Best advice from today train myself

So, I will revisit my goals, develop a continuing plan, carry on working on the bigger picture, but in small chunks so I don’t let myself get to the moaning stage of doom again.


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By Gaelann East
The Wacky Racers Dressage Team
England UK

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