Equine Innovations Blogger: Sticky Trap Horsefly Glue

March 21, 2018

Exciting news we have joined Equine-Innovations


We are now an Equine Innovation Blogger helping to review new products on the Equine and Rural Market. 

Posting Honest Reviews and Videos linked to new products we are testing


Equine Innovation only sell products tested by groups of Equestrians so you can see how fabulous they are before you buy


Here is my introduction to a product I am looking forward to testing:

The Sticky Trap is a horsefly glue used to catch horseflies and hornets, stable flies and other biting insects around people and livestock.

You can check it out and purchase at www.equine-innovations.co.uk

The Sticky Trap is an innovation to catch the flies before they become a pest.

The instructions say its an easy DIY fly trap and the cheap small tub of glue will do 10 buckets

1 bucket covers 10000 sq mtr and last 4 to 6 months.

For the best results it is recommend to hang 2-3 buckets and when you have more than 5 horses in a field it is recommend to hang more buckets.



Horsefly trap glue is designed to resist Sun, high temperatures and weather conditions like rain

You can use your black buckets again and again, year after year just scrap off the flies and start again

The glue has no expiration date but needs to be stored in a frost free area



How = Flies are attracted to warm dark moving objects. The black bucket heats up then attracts blood flies through their infra red vision

As it swings in the wind it looks like pray. The non toxic glue then catches them 


Natures wonders like butterflies and bees and other important species who pollinate flowers, search for nectar and sweetness are not attracted to the glue.

The glue is made from natural minerals, environmentally friendly, non toxic, safe to use and poses no threat to other animals.  



The Build = You will need a black bucket, a rope, the glue, and somewhere to hang the bucket.

Let a black bucket with glue dangle on a cord in the sun at about 80 cm from the ground.


We have some old plant pots and black plastic and black rubber strips around the yard we are going to use for our testing



It is soon to be the season of the itchy Ginger Ninja. He hates having his fly rug on and they never stay as one piece for long.

We have tried lots of different feeds and supplements. 
We have a stream running the length of our yard and it sits on the edge of one of our paddocks so we are very keen to start this review



Sticky trap is the manufacturer and wholesaler of insect glue, glue traps and specialist of insect/pest control.  

A very cheap and cost effective way of controlling flies throughout the yard









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By Gaelann East
The Wacky Racers Dressage Team
England UK

© 2017 Gaelann East

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