MagnoEase stable wraps review

January 6, 2019

Magnets: My thoughts

So much to read on the subject and such a lot on the subject to take in before you even to start to think am I doing the right thing for my best friend.

What we are looking at are static therapy products that come in all sorts of shapes and ideas There are a lot of online blogs that say its only a placebo effect on those who wear them.

There isn’t much easy reading on the science side that is backed up with full clinical evidence, yet it is an extremely popular and very successful market.


The use of magnetic therapy dates back thousands of years.

It is said that magnetic therapy helps the blood flow thus improving recovery and stiffness.

Magnets don't do the healing they support the body to help heal itself

There is concern that some magnetic products on the market are too weak to be of any use and the magnets used can also be unipolar or alternating so it is always best to do your own research before spending money. It is a significant investment so best to get it right first time


Do I believe I can get a positive healing effect on mine and my horses biofields? To be honest some days I believe and some days I don’t. But if my back is hurting the first thing I grab is my magnetic back brace I have recently used Alfie’s Magnetic rug for longer periods before a work session that I think he may struggle with. I do think this has helped and he has certainly been easy to ride.

I do wish I had chosen a lighter weight rug though as he gets rather hot in the make I choose even though it is a mesh material.


I used to regularly use a massage pad on him but last  year I was convinced it actually made him worse, causing him more discomfort.


I travel Alfie in his poll band as a relaxation aid and I often walk coffee in his which seems to have a relaxing effect when worn.

Just a note to say don’t use magnets when exercising I only use it on Coffee if I am walking quietly round the field.


Alfie isn’t getting any younger and we have just started having a play over the jumps again, so I wanted to help his joints. He has magnetic fetlock boots in his show box that I always forget to put on, so I am hoping that now I have chosen some stable wraps they will not only be easy to use but I will remember to put them on at night.

Once Alfie has tested the stable wraps I will try them on Coffee as I am interested to see how this may help his laminitis attacks.

Writing this I am now wondering to myself why haven’t I ever tried the magnetic rug on Coffee. Uhmmm Cant answer that one other than it probably didn’t cross my mind as he is hairy mud monster that rarely keeps a rug on for long!



First look at the MagnoEase stable wraps from Equine-Innovations

Facebook review














MagnoEase Stable Wraps Pros

Some great features to these wraps.....
They are an all in one wrap with 28 magnets giving a large area of coverage over the whole lower leg
Soft Material and not too bulky suitable for all leg widths
An inner velcro strip to help hold the wraps in place 

The velcro is strong so I have no issues leaving them on over night
Easy to fit

Each boot is a wrap round with plenty of material to also provide warmth to the horse’s legs.
Affordable price especially when the shop has offers on 



What is being  said on social media about magnets

''The amount of articles saying there is no evidence that magnets work and not to waste your money because there is no scientific evidence for their worth is ridiculous. What I don’t understand is how can I put magnets on my horse every single day and see an insane difference in his way of going''


''I was always shall we say sceptical but I had a bad riding accident 10 months ago and in the last 5 months I’ve been using magnets in my insoles on my wrist on my back and my neck and all I can say is I have noticed a significant difference so as far as I’m concerned if I can feel a difference then there has got to be something in it''


''Animals don't fake symptoms. My old dog definitely improved with magnotherapy''


''I have both but prefer the infra red as the magnetic can not be put on wet or sweaty horse. And you are not meant to leave the horse unattended when wearing the magnet.''


''I’ve used them on both myself, horses dogs and husband (he’s very sceptical but even he admits his knee is better!)''


''As far as I've been able to find out, there is no solid scientific evidence for magnets having any effect''


''Vet told me no scientific evidence that stands up at all. However , I’ve read plenty of positive things from people;;


''I normally only use them travelling/pre competition''


''What works for one doesn't work for the other. Believer or non believer.....Anything is worth a try and if it works brilliant if not you tried. ...Nothing in life is a guarantee but surely until you have tried everything and I mean everything can you then be certain''



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