We jumped

January 21, 2019

The reason why we are putting ourselves through the jumping is to get the canter through variety.

Omg we have been working so hard to get this canter on the flat and all we actually needed was a few slightly out of control jumping efforts

I have no care that the jumps came down because there was no panic in his stride.

We kept the canter.

We jumped all three fences and kept the balance with less flattening.
Consistency will come eventually.

What really excites me is the canter we got at the end. We are really terrible, always trying for perfection on the flat, so fab canter engagement by accident is awesome




Video Play Back from the jump lesson

The problem is Alfie is so uncomfortable and hard to relax into it all feels so messy. The height isn't important he will be the same regardless of height

When it feels out of control and like a wall of death the last thing you want to do is take off the handbrake, but we did eventually come to a speed agreement, and releasing the handbrake made a for a comfier flow round the arena.

Ali's wise words watch the video its not as fast and bad as I think it is...…  she was correct again




As I dismounted from this session I wasn't sure I wanted another jump lesson

I love our grid lessons and our pole lessons but the SJ course felt like it was testing us beyond being helpful (until the end)
Sat on the sofa at home watching all the videos I cant wait for the next date to be published. All I have to do is remember sit up and ride for it. Easy Peasy



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By Gaelann East
The Wacky Racers Dressage Team
England UK

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