Our Ninja Journey Continues Into 2019

January 19, 2019

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t


The weather hasn’t been kind for ‘’in field’’ training so we haven’t had much progress to report

Despite having some confident quiet plods round the mini village route December didn’t end well.

We attempted to video some online dressage tests, but we ended up with a lot of freestyle moves in the trot.


But there are a lot of positives from our recent dressage attempts. We did get some really forward moving walk work and I didn’t feel like bottling it when the trot freestyle moves started.



New-found confidence

With our new-found confidence we decided to brave the start of January with a walk through the busier traffic and onto the open grass stretch

We didn’t go Solo Mr East kept us company and came for a walk along with the lead rope just in case we needed some confidence giving lead ups (none needed)


Oh, my what a Ginger Superstar
Ok still only at walk but we braved the traffic on the main village road. Traffic was a little heavier than I was hoping for but mainly slow-moving cars, so he kept his cool all the way round.
I still worry about the day he dropped me when he felt boxed in by all the traffic, so I know I tensed up a little bit when we had cars in front and behind. I will work on my breathing.

Once on the grass stretch he spent a lot of time sniffing the ground, that was a little odd but he was happy, so we let him.
Then we had a little scare from a crisp packet in the hedge, he sniffed it, it moved, terrifying.

But no high jinks on the grass. Phew!


Then part way home we had a stop for kid cuddles. We like to eat kids, but today he was a very good boy and stood still whilst they patted him.
He was then rewarded with a carrot from one of the local residents. He ate this in one which amused the onlookers.



Kissing sweet dreams

12th January was KISS a Ginger Day: The face of an almost innocent....

Fab brushing bonding session. Girth went up another hole today and we tightened up straight away.

Mounted from stirrup pressure instead of launching on and hoping. No humping or tensing on move off.

Walked round the paddock on a long stretching rein.

Got distracted by walkers twice but no panic whoppie and we got straight back to work after stopping to watch them pass by

Lots of walk exercises on a contact with a fairly forward stride

Trotted, some pulling reins out hands but we calmly had the discussion about being gentle and letting me gathering up the contact 


Opps we launched BUT what felt like ages in the air only actually lasted a few seconds.

We had a grown up discussion about moving forward and not upward, to end up with the best trot work we have had for well over a year.

Cuddles and mints after tack off.

I went to bed that night really excited to see what progress we could make this year



SOT Treatment

On the 14th of January I had posted on Facebook that our updates were in danger of getting boring if I kept posting how good he had been :)
This day was the best tack up day to date. Mounted and off for a plod, full steam ahead with ears forward, and no grumbles, and in the high wind.

And all activities were barefoot. We even managed to walk the gravel without our boots


15th We had a half day off work. I could get to used to working half days. Productive morning at work then both boys taken round the village before a visit from Back2It Chiropractic for all three of us.

I was in ''go to work'' mode that morning and completely forgot to give the Ninja his calmer in prep for our plod. Pleased to report despite passing by two build sites the calmer was not needed.
Our boxer dog friend was pleased to see us and jumped onto his trampoline to say hello. The neighbouring Labrador puppy had some more Ninja training but wasn't sure about his close up cuddle. And a few more kids wanted a Ninja cuddle on the way round which he obliged.


Over the last few visits from Back2It Chiropractic Coffee has been getting involved with the Sacro-Occipital techniques now offered. Its taken me a while to get my head round the idea but I am getting the hang of it now and its super interesting to follow the body's pathways and see what they have to tell us.

Over the visits pre Xmas we were paying attention to his colon. Something we already knew but it was nice to have the treatment visit back this up.
The visit 15th January showed up a need to pay some attention to the liver. This showed up in our previous visit as well, it could be a past or present issue. I am sure it is something from our past lingering but I will look into getting some Milk Thistle just to be on the cautious side.



Barefoot and Confident

Feed wise it is looking good to continue on the current balancer we have been using. I have noticed a much better hoof growth now we are getting decent nutrients inside him. 

Supplements and his ongoing grumbles are still a mystery and I still have no idea if I am doing right by him. 

Weight Wise the girth is now up on the third hole each side with ease. We don't resemble a pregnant gelding so much these days. 


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