Aqueos Care: Our review

March 8, 2018










































Aqueos manufactures a range of alcohol and bleach free products.

The solution used kills bacteria, fungi and viruses quickly and carries on working after application.

The mixing technology allows the active ingredient to be used in extremely low concentrations.



Say goodbye to lumps, bumps, scabs, dandruff 

A mild and gentle action, perfect for the Ginger Ninja's sensitive skin

The shampoo will also cleanse superficial wounds

The hose applicator speeds up bath time and it is so easy to use if your alone

Aqueos is a must have shampoo for us. We even put a small amount into our home made fly spray


Our Ninja suffers from itchy skin and he will regularly take off his fly rug. Having an anti-itch shampoo works wonders for our yard management and as its long lasting he doesn't need a bath every day   


Hand Sanitising Foam

A must moving from stable to stable on a busy yard. 

Great to apply before heading off to work from the yard

No need for water, great on a winter day



Used everywhere, bedding, trailer, equipment, brushes, headcollars, even haynets and feed bowls.

Deodorizing without leaving a strong product smell 

The hose applicator helps you reach all the tricky higher areas in the stable or trailer/lorry


Puppy training on carpet ! No problem, safe to use on many surfaces.


At stay away shows using temporary or fixed stables there is always a contamination risk. We take a bottle of ready to use Aqueos away with us. A liberal spray applied before we put our horses in with fresh bedding.


Extra Peace of mind: Aqueos will carry on working after you have applied and it has been independently tested against Ringworm and Strangles


First Aid Spray

A gem against germs.

Make sure you have plenty of these readily to hand. In the trailer, in the car, on the lorry, in the tack room, at home, everywhere

No need to flush a wound with salt water. No need to make sure you have spare and clean cloths to hand, All that is needed is a quick squirt to clean and flush the cut. 


PH neutral so wont sting, Horse therefore, hopefully wont try and land on your toes as they jump in air.

Even our chickens stand still and let us treat the pecked areas of their necks.


Competition safe and invisible so no more public appearances with a purple patchwork design on your horse. 


Carry in your handbag or even your pocket incase your dog picks up a thorn when out chasing sticks



I keep wipes by the chicken run for my hands and their bowls

Available in larger tubs, we keep a tub outside by the chickens run 


The cats have their wipes to hand in case they bring in something smelly on their coats or need their paws wiping. Bleach free so safe to use around their eyes.

Our cats are always going where they aren't allowed including walking over the kitchen units. The wipes are an quick and easy way to wipe up after them.


Great for collecting and wiping slobber off the horses' nose nets after riding or in between classes. No more filthy towels to put back in the show bag, we can easily pull out a wipe use and throw away. Available in packets that can be neatly held in pocket or bag.


Whatever you need the wipes for you will be left with clean, soft hands. No more cracking dry hands cleaning up after your two and four legged friends


Tack Cleaning 

Keeping your tack hygienic and disease free at home or at a show is easy with the Aqueos spray and wipes. A great addition to the tackroom.

Carrying on working after use preventing mould and mildew build up. 

Safe to use on the bits after riding or even for a quick wipe in-between classes

Girths and rollers can be easily wiped off after use and put away straight away, no hanging around waiting for the sponged water to dry. 


Blood Stop

Blood Stop forms a gel plaque with the blood. This plaque then restricts the blood flow, giving the body’s own clotting agents time to start working.  

It really is an amazing little bottle. 

When the Ginger Ninja badly cut above his eye I couldn't get near him for ages. I couldn't clean the wound to start with but as he began to trust me I managed to get some wound spray onto a clean sponge and then squeezed out the sponge above his eye to try and flush the would which was covered in mud where he had rolled. Eventually I got the blood stop onto the wound and the bleeding stopped. The blood stop once it has done its business and the body starts its own clotting just falls off so I could happily leave the wound to heal itself whilst keeping a close watch on the area.


Great product for dealing with minor wounds quickly in the field or stable or whilst travelling


Spray Plaster

Healing without bandaging

Breathable film to aid healing 



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By Gaelann East
The Wacky Racers Dressage Team
England UK

© 2017 Gaelann East

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