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Mobile Solar Chargers

Pick and Mix, choose the right Power Bank for your needs and add the solar if needed, all are interchangeable.



Telephone: 01935 825914

See anything you fancy on the website contact us for a discount code


Alcohol & Bleach Free Disinfection Range. Proven in a range of professional environments as well as domestic including Stables, Racing Yards, Horse Transporters, Studs, Kennels, Dog Groomers, Veterinary Practices

Kills bacteria, fungi & viruses including strangles & ringworm.

Can be used on leather, synthetics and any type of surface.

Tested to EN1276, EN1650 & EN14476.


Telephone: 01672 562007

A must have for horse and rider 

See anything you fancy on the website contact us for a discount code

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Mobile Solar Chargers


Back2It Chiropractic

Ready Rugs


Cavallo Hoof Boots

White Horse Leather (coming Soon)

Back2It Chiropractic

McTimoney Chiropractor, Veterinary Chiropractor, and Holistic Massage

Based in Oxfordshire treating humans, horses and dogs


Telephone: 07826 272559  

Ready Rugs Equine Laundry

Berkshire Company cleaning and repairing for your equines


Telephone: 0118 9710428 

Aubiose Horse Bedding

Hemp bedding, 100% natural, dust spore and chemical free, supportive, cost effective and highly absorbent.


Telephone: 07739 165083

White Horse Leather

Using the finest English Leather, and traditional double hand stitching

* Repair
* Alterations
* Off the peg or fully bespoke bridles and other tack items
* Dog collars and leads, belts and shooting apparel
* Tack cleaning


Telephone: 07712 126 120

Cavallo Hoof Boots

State-of-the-art, shock-absorbing materials in physiologically advanced designs to provide comfort, stability and safety for both you and your horse.

A must have to help the barefoot journey. So simple and easy to put on. 

Cavallo’s Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boot is flexible, durable, breathable, and with the honeycomb design, shaped for the rounder hoof

Why has the Ninja chosen these boots ..... because they are great for the relief of hoof sensitivity and sole bruising 
The Trek Hoof Boot can also be easily adjusted for close contact and snug fit to individual horse’s hooves.

Big Hooves up from us


A great product to treat all leather items


We use the RenaSan and NatraSan Antispetic Sprays

on the yard and at home


By Gaelann East
The Wacky Racers Dressage Team
England UK

© 2017 Gaelann East

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